5 feng shui tips to consider before buying a house

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Looking for the right home with good to ideal Feng Shui is not easy. Most people are unaware that it’s harder to mend the Feng Shui of a flawed house. Therefore, selecting the right house from the start will greatly benefit your household. When choosing a house with the ancient Chinese practice of Feng Shui, you must evaluate the external environment of the house. Once you achieve that you would be able to harness and draw good energy into the home, greatly enhancing the residents’ health, wealth, and relationships with each other.

If you’re buying a property soon, read up on these feng shui tips before putting down your downpayment.


1. Cemetery

Property prices near cemetery are probably cheaper as compared to other areas, but burial areas are categorised as Yin in nature, so it is not ideal for your home to be near or within one in the vicinity of your neighbourhood. Residents living near the cemetery would more likely be affected psychologically as Yin energy enters the house. If you are living next to a burial ground, the people in your home will feel general uneasiness, discomfort or paranoia. There is an exception – if the living space is separated from the graveyard by a busy road, the Yin energy will disperse.


2. MRT / LRT

Do reconsider if you are thinking about purchasing a property that is too close to an MRT / LRT station or near the train tracks. A house or real estate close to such amenities would mean that your potential home is exposed to the merciless Qi or Sha Qi. The fast-moving train will contribute unnecessary stress to your home’s occupants, resulting in needless quarrels and disagreements. If your property is near these amenities, you might want to check if the Sha Qi can be deflected to prevent it from entering the house.


3. Petrol stations

As petrol stations belong to the Fire element, an assessment is crucial to determine if this energy benefits the property. Houses that are exposed to the Fire element could cause prolonged stagnation and feelings of emptiness to its occupants. Water can be used to remedy the situation. However, the size and positioning of the water application need to be evaluated as this would depend if the Fire element is complementary to the home’s occupants.


4. T-junction

In classic Feng Shui, T-junctions are referred to as “ Tiger Eyes” as oncoming cars with headlights shining into the house. It is also called the “Poison Arrow” as cars are approaching with relatively high speed. This creates Sha Qi towards the house, resulting in negative energy. The prolonged effect of Sha Qi could affect your mental health and create discord within the family as well as the people around you.



5. Body of water

As you may already know, water is one of the most important features in Feng Shui. Through the constant flow and accumulation of water, it can enhance wealth and helps to collect positive energy or Qi. You may want to inspect the vicinity of your future property – any body of water within a 2km radius like large drains, ponds, rivers with calm flowing water is highly favourable.

It is impossible to find a home with perfect Feng Shui. Nonetheless, what you should be looking for is a balanced home with as little unfavourable features as possible.